PREGNANCY HOTLINE: For immediate assistance, call 610-626-4006 or text 484-451-8104.

Mothers Matter

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When a woman becomes pregnant, she becomes a mother. is isn’t a political statement, and it’s not a complicated philosophical or theological idea. It is recognition of what has happened biologically: a new life has come into existence, and a woman has become the mother of a rapidly developing human person.

What, then, is there le to debate politically, societally or culturally? In a healthy society, the only thing le to debate when a woman becomes a mother, especially if it happens unexpectedly, or in a potential situation of abuse, homelessness, deprivation, etc., is how our whole society will respond in love and support of that mother. In a healthy society, the natural thing to do would be to create and provide a whole set of life-a rming solutions and choices for that mother to live and be able to thrive when her child is born.

Of course, we at the Pro-Life Union have been striving to provide mothers with life-a rming solutions and choices for nearly 50 years. Women (and men) need to hear, “We will help, you’re not alone.” We o er adoption counseling, nancial assistance, material aid, education resources, housing, support and love.

As we celebrate Mother’s Day, we invite you to join with us by increasing your existing level of support and commitment even if only by a few extra hours of volunteering or by a few extra dollars of support. And we encourage you to intentionally reach out to one friend or family member to ask them to do the same.

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