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NaPro Technology—A More Mindful Way to Plan and Conceive

It’s common for women (and even men) to research the most effective ways to conceive. But is there a method to increase the probability of getting pregnant that can also detect any abnormalities or issues pertaining to fertility? Natural Procreative Technology (a.k.a. NaPro Technology) is a method of addressing all gynecologic issues without the use of contraceptives or In Vitro fertility.

Dr. Monique Ruberu, OB/GYN and Pro-Life Union board member, explains NaPro Technology:

How is NaPro Technology different from other types of reproductive health monitoring?

NaPro Technology patients learn to chart their bleeding patterns, mucous patterns and length of cycle to identify areas of abnormalities. After identifying the timing of ovulation, medical professionals can check lab values of estrogen and progesterone during the cycle and compare them to normal values. The goal of NaPro Technology is to understand the underlying cause for the abnormality and to supplement back to try and reach a state of normalcy. In most gynecologic training, similar patients are treated to suppress symptoms but not necessarily to address the underlying issue. For instance, if someone has PMS due to a lack of post ovulatory progesterone, the patient would be given contraceptive pills to suppress the cycle and suppress symptoms in a typical gynecologic office setting. There are many side effects to this treatment, and the underlying issue is not discovered or addressed.

What are the health benefits of NaPro Technology?

NaPro Technology gives a woman the chance to truly understand her fertility and her gynecologic health. It allows her to find issues much earlier and address the root cause of any issues. During NaPro Technology, a woman is also respecting her body and not suppressing her fertility. Many women who are given the diagnosis of unexplained infertility can also find reasons for their difficulties through charting and lab draws.

What are some other advantages of NaPro Technology?

Financially speaking, it only costs about $150-200 for a cycle of NaPro Technology in comparison to a cycle of IVF, which costs up to $30,000. While IVF and many gynecologic treatments are in conflict with certain faith beliefs, NaPro Technology does not cause any ethical or moral issues for patients. NaPro Technology can be used to help infertile people achieve pregnancy, to help people with recurrent pregnancy loss if it is due to low progesterone, and can cure postpartum depression naturally and swiftly (within 24 hours at times).

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