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Let the Party Begin!

By: Tom Stevens, president and CEO, Pro-Life Union

A sobbing woman came outside and sat on the bench as I prayed in front of Planned Parenthood at 12th & Locust Streets. She began talking to the Planned Parenthood escort. During a lull in conversation I walked over and said, “There’s hope and help, can we talk?” The woman came outside the gate and started talking with me. I learned that her great granddaughter was inside having a chemical abortion. I discovered that I’m face to face with the woman who is paying for the abortion of her great-great grandchild. She’s already raising a 5-year-old grandchild. I heard a lot about her difficult family story.

I told her about the Abortion Reversal Pill. “It’s not too late. We have a home for single moms (Guiding Star Ministries).” She asked me for some details, so I explained that there’s counseling, diapers, assistance, resources, adoption, and help at Guiding Star. I told her a story about a single mom who was offered housing just the night before. The great great grandmother took our number. I walked her through the brochure in the blessing bag and told her about several times. We talked for ten minutes and I prayed with the great great grandmom. Unfortunately, I don’t know the end of this particular story.

There’s a moment in the Unplanned movie where Abby Johnson, clinic director, resigns and walks out Planned Parenthood’s door for the last time. She’s welcomed by Shawn Carney and the 40 Days for Life group. Oh, what a victory! Soon enough, the center closes and the Planned Parenthood sign comes down. Oh the joy! I recently heard the story of a five-year-old boy who is alive today because someone was praying outside an abortion center and handed a brochure to his mom as she walked in. Yes!

In the story of the Prodigal Son, the Father runs to his repentant son as he arrives back home, embraces him, and one of the greatest lines in the Bible: “Then the celebration began.” There are so many reasons to celebrate right now and in the future. Let’s do it. Don’t let the heaviness of the cry of the unborn keep us from the celebration of the victories, the lives saved, and the great hope of the future.

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