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Pro-Lifer’s Journal: Impactful Encounters

Some contents from a goody bag distributed by Sidewalk Servants for those who have appointments at an abortion clinic.

Many unborn babies’ lives have been saved, thanks to the presence of prayerful witnesses outside abortion centers. Here are two profound encounters written by a Sidewalk Servant:

Story #1:
I began talking with a younger pregnant girl who was in a relationship with an older man. Because of their ages, this was technically considered a case of rape. When the young girl initially engaged in conversation, she was adamant to get an abortion in order to pursue a gymnastics career. I kept gently explaining that even though I can’t guarantee her success as an Olympic gymnast in the future, it was totally possible for her to have a child and chase her dreams. The young mother still made an appointment at Planned Parenthood, but I communicated one more message: “I heard that you are going to get the abortion. I wish you would reconsider, but I understand why you feel that you need to…I know you must be really scared, but want to remind you that you are in control of your life, not your boyfriend. Please don’t do this for him.”

Then this powerful exchange took place:
Young Girl: “I changed my mind. God told me not to do it. I heard Him…do you believe me?”
Me: “Really? What did He say? I believe you. God has spoken to me before.”
Young Girl: “He said to not be afraid, for I have a plan for you. That’s what I heard.”
Me: “That’s right, He has a plan for you because YOU are HIS child. You have no idea what God has planned for you, but it’s bigger than you and me. Where did He talk to you?”
Young Girl: “Outside the Planned Parenthood.”
Me: “Were there people outside? Did they help you? They have resources you can use.”
Young Girl: “Yeah, but not right outside. I want to give my life to God like my sister.”

Story #2:
Christine is one of our newer Sidewalk Servants who chose to stay an extra hour one day witnessing outside a Philadelphia abortion center after her designated morning block of time. A car arrived with a mother, father, and toddler. The mother got out of the car, but paced the clinic entrance a few times. Christine approached her and asked if she could offer a bag containing some resources that could help her in a difficult situation. The mother took the bag without saying a word and walked away heading toward another street.

Christine thought the mother may have used a side entrance to go into the abortion center, but she came back to the car minutes later showing the father one of the Pro-Life Union’s brochures. They got inside the car, but didn’t move for about five minutes. After those minutes of contemplation, they eventually drove away without ever going inside the clinic. Praise God! Please pray for this family; may they experience God’s love and comfort.

(Article from the Pro-Life Union’s May 2019 newsletter update.)

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