PREGNANCY HOTLINE: For immediate assistance, call 610-626-4006 or text 484-451-8104.

The Goodness of Guiding Star Ministries

Guiding Star Ministries, an outreach program led by the Pro-Life Union, provides shelter and assistance to single pregnant women and their children. Through counseling, group meetings, and a nurturing faith-based environment, residents work toward independence as they pursue educational or vocational goals during their stay. Guiding Star welcomes six to seven mothers and their families at a time. Since 1992, it has served more than 250 women and more than 165 children. To learn more, visit

“Guiding Star has transformed me into a highly positive individual. I came in scared, hurt, confused, and slightly bitter and vulnerable. As each day passed, I saw a new reason to slowly let my guard down. I am nicer, less stressed, not scared anymore, and stronger. All in all, I am truly convinced that Guiding Star is a God-send! God has shown me who I am.” —Tasha, GSM Resident

Want to support Guiding Star Ministries? You can support their mission by volunteering (as an individual or a group), donating new or gently used items (for babies, mothers, and house), or contributing financially. Visit for full details.

(Article from the Pro-Life Union’s May 2019 newsletter update.)

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