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Pro-Life Union’s Statement about Rep. Brian Sims’ Harassment of Prayerful Pro-Lifer


PHILADELPHIA, Pa.—The Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia ( is appalled by the behavior of Rep. Brian Sims, Democratic member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in the 182nd district, who videotaped his encounter taunting a peaceful, prayerful woman outside Planned Parenthood in Philadelphia. It is disturbing for the public to view Rep. Sims’ own video footage knowing an elected official had the audacity to harass an individual from the Greater Philadelphia region for simply exercising her right to the First Amendment. Looking to the present and future, we can only hope and pray that each member of society treats all individuals with compassion and respect, and recognizes the dignity of all living persons, inside and outside the womb.


To interview a spokesperson from the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia, contact Tom Stevens, President and CEO, at 215-885-8150 (office), 610-247-7002 (cell); Beth Harrison, Communications Manager, at

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