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Speaker Videos from Pro-Life Rally in Philadelphia

Renowned pro-life activists and supporters gathered at a Pro-Life Rally on May 10, 2019 in response to PA Rep. Brian Sims’ videos bullying prayerful, peaceful witnesses outside a Planned Parenthood in Philadelphia. This Pro-Life Rally was a compassionate showing of unity brought national attention to the pro-life movement.

Speakers include: Abby Johnson, Lila Rose, Matt Walsh, Dr. Monique Ruberu, Richara Krajewski, Marilyn Musgraves, Toni McFadden, Lauren Muzyka, Tina Whittington, and Ashley Garecht.

Abby Johnson, Founder of And Then There Were None ( and subject of the film “Unplanned” (

Lila Rose, President of Live Action (

Matt Walsh, Contributor at Daily Wire & Host of the Matt Walsh Show (

Dr. Monique Ruberu, OB/GYN, Co-founder of Sidewalk Servants Philadelphia, Leader of 40 Days for Life in Philadelphia, and Board Member of the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia (

Richara Krajewski, Board Member of the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia (

Marilyn Musgraves, Vice President of Public Affairs for the Susan B. Anthony List (

Toni McFadden, Founder of Relationships Matter (

Lauren Muzyka, Executive Director of Sidewalk Advocates for Life (

Tina Whittington, Executive Vice President of Students for Life of America (

Ashley Garecht, mother of two teenage girls featured in one of PA State Rep. Brian Sims’ viral videos. Her family also started the GoFundMe page with all proceeds donated to the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia:

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