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Action Alert—Hold Rep. Brian Sims Accountable!

This has been an exciting and encouraging few weeks in the fight for life! New legislation in Georgia, Missouri, Kentucky, Mississippi, Ohio and Alabama mark major steps toward making abortion not only illegal, but also unthinkable in America. And the “Pro-Life Stand Against Bullying” Rally held in our very own Philadelphia on May 10 drew over 1,000 supporters to the street in front of the Planned Parenthood clinic at 12th and Locust where we stood for life and prayed for the conversion of State Rep. Brian Sims. I believe the Lord is up to something!

But the fight is not over. In many ways, our work is just beginning again.

Many of you know about the encounters between Pennsylvania State Representative Brian Sims and an elderly woman, as well as three teenage girls as they were peacefully praying outside the Planned Parenthood facility at 12th and Locust. Not only did Mr. Sims aggressively harass the woman and endanger the girls by doxxing them—offering a $100 bounty in exchange for their identities—he proudly filmed himself doing these appalling things and posted the videos on his own Twitter account.

Sadly, the story gets worse. Mr. Sims completely refuses to apologize to these women for his egregious behavior and accept genuine accountability for his actions. Instead, he released an open letter stating that he isabsolutely sorry…for disrespecting [Planned Parenthood’s] policies of not engaging with protestors” and then he asks supporters to make a donation to Planned Parenthood!

These aggressive, dangerous, and unrepentant acts of harassment cannot go unanswered.

Will you join us as we call on the leadership of both political parties in the Pennsylvania General Assembly to hold Representative Sims accountable—publicly, specifically, and on the record? It is our right and our duty as Pennsylvanians to hold our own elected officials to a higher standard. This disgraceful behavior will not be tolerated in our beloved state!

Below you will find the contact information for the elected leadership in the Pennsylvania State House as well as suggested content for letters or phone calls. Additionally, we encourage you to communicate with your own State Representative on this matter. CLICK HERE to find contact info for your State Representative.

With gratitude for your support as we continue to fight for the rights of Philadelphia’s unborn babies,

Tom Stevens
President and CEO
Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia

PA State House Leadership Contacts:

House Speaker Mike Turzai (R)
139 Main Capitol
PO Box 202028
Harrisburg, PA 17120-2028
(717) 772-9943

Majority Leader Bryan Cutler (R)
110 Main Capitol Building
PO Box 202100
Harrisburg, PA 17120-2100
(717) 783-6424

Minority Leader Frank Dermody (D)
423 Main Capitol Bldg.
PO Box 202033 
Harrisburg, PA 17120-2033
(717) 787-3566

House Ethics Committee Chairman Frank Farry (R)
153B East Wing
PO Box 202142
Harrisburg, PA 17120-2142
(717) 260-6140

Letter Suggestion:

Dear Representative ___________________,

I was deeply distressed by the appalling behavior of one of your fellow elected Representatives, Brian Sims, in his encounters with several women peacefully praying outside a Planned Parenthood clinic in downtown Philadelphia. When he verbally harassed an older woman and then aggressively confronted and threatened three teenage girls by offering a $100 bounty in exchange for their identities, he not only trampled on their First Amendment right to freely express their faith through speech, but also put them in danger. The woman he hassled was alone and acting completely in accord with her rights as an American citizen. The girls, moreover, are minors with an equal right to free speech, but also completely undeserving of such contemptible and threatening behavior on the part of an adult man who also happens to be an elected public servant who draws his salary from taxpayer dollars.

Additionally, Mr. Sims’ actions have disgraced our state. As Pennsylvanians we cannot tolerate this disgraceful behavior from anyone, least of all one of our own elected representatives.

It is your job as Mr. Sims’ peer in the Pennsylvania State House of Representatives, and your duty as a leader in that body, to hold Mr. Sims accountable for his grave misdeeds.

It is crucial that:

  1. You force Mr. Sims to apologize publicly for his actions, on the record and from the floor of the State House.
  2. As members of the leadership you condemn his behavior, specifically and by name.
  3. You encourage Mr. Sims to reconsider his position on the issue of life in the womb, but at a minimum, that he promises to recognize and protect the rights of citizens to peacefully pray and protest outside abortion clinics

These deeds cannot go unanswered, and it is your responsibility as an elected leader to hold Mr. Sims to account. Do your duty. Stand for the rights of the citizens of your state, most especially the rights of the courageous women and girls who exercise their First Amendment rights every day in Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania as they stand for life and pray for an end to abortion.

A Concerned Citizen

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