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Volunteer Spotlight: Loretta Vasile

Loretta Vasile has been volunteering at Guiding Star Ministries (GSM) every week since May 2019 to organize donations and to help in other ways, such as interacting and playing with the children. Her regular presence has been a tremendous blessing; we continue to appreciate volunteers like Loretta who put smiles on all of our faces!

Here is Loretta’s account of her experience so far at GSM:

Pictured above: Loretta Vasile in front of Guiding Star Ministries.

Just to show that God can bring good out of literally anything, I was inspired to start volunteering at Guiding Star Ministries after seeing a video of a PA State Representative harassing an elderly woman as she prayed outside an abortion mill. I put down the book I was going to read and went to that abortion mill and said the rosary. Not too long afterward, I looked on the Pro-Life Union’s website to see if I could regularize my volunteering. Guiding Star was an option, so I clicked on it to receive more information. I have come by once a week ever since that moment.

So far, the best part of volunteering at Guiding Star Ministries was playing with one of the littler residents. I’m still not sure what the backstory was, but apparently there were monsters everywhere and the only safe place was under the dining room table. A bit of a tight fit for me, but we made it work. Fortunately, the book I happened to have in my backpack proved to be magical and shot out some kind of ray that vanquished our foes!

My advice to anyone interested in helping at Guiding Star is to think small. It’s the very little things that count when you are trying to help people out. Even if all you can do is come and wash the windows or clean the bathroom once a month, it can be a huge help. The little things truly add up!

(A portion of this article will be included in the Guiding Star Ministries Summer 2019 newsletter. Click here to visit our volunteer page.)

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