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How Methotrexate Abortion Reversal Saved My Unborn Child’s Life This Year

Pictured Above: Abortion Pill Reversal information. Save your pregnancy before it’s too late!

Dr. Monique Ruberu, pro-life OB/GYN, shares a patient’s testimonial about the use of abortion pill reversal:

I found out I was pregnant in March. At first I started to laugh, then I started to cry and I called my ex. It was all so strange; we had just broken up, and his first response was “Get an abortion.”

I didn’t know what to do; I grew up in a Christian household. I knew it wasn’t right, but I thought it was the smartest choice. I scheduled an appointment at the abortion clinic. There were people praying out front and they tried to reach out to me. I ignored them and went in, but their presence pricked my conscience. It was a disgusting office. The environment wasn’t inviting, and I felt so uncomfortable.

I guess God was trying to send me a sign when the doctor couldn’t show up because of a flat tire. I had my initial ultrasound and was given instructions to return the next day. The ultrasound was covered by insurance. It showed I was 7 weeks pregnant and was able to have a chemical abortion.

I went back the next day. The prayer warriors remembered me, and said, “This isn’t God’s plan. The church is offering support.” I didn’t feel harassed, but it did make me feel more uncertain and worse about what I was preparing to do. If they weren’t there, it might not have bothered me as much.

When I went inside, they put me in the room. They didn’t offer me any support or counseling other than telling me not to eat anything healthy to try and deprive the baby of nutrients.

I went upstairs and nobody was allowed to be there with me. I called my best friend. She said she would support me either way, but then instantly began researching the effects of abortion and came across the website. She later sent a screenshot of the website to me. Thank God!

The doctor came in and asked me to get undressed. I had been contemplating and crying for over an hour. He checked my uterus and prepared to give me the methotrexate injection. At the last moment I said, “Wait, wait!” but it was too late. He injected it all anyway.

I fell to pieces as the nurse explained that five days later I had to insert pills to push the remains out of my uterus. I was to expect bad cramping and pass it in the toilet. I was supposed to follow up a few weeks later to make sure everything was ok.

I went home and my mom still didn’t know about any of this. I had a pounding headache, and I told her everything. She told me she had been in the same situation at age 18 and had chosen abortion, but then when she was pregnant with me, I had a hole in my amniotic sac at 12 weeks and she was put in the hospital. At that time the doctors advised her to abort me, but she refused. She told me that I was her miracle and she encouraged me to keep mine.

When my friend sent me the screenshot, I called the number and got a hold of the nurse who connected me to Dr. Ruberu. We started the treatment to reverse the abortion after she told me of all the possible side effects of the methotrexate that had been given to me. I knew that if there was any chance for life, I had to fight for my baby. I flushed the pills the abortion center gave to me and made an appointment to meet Dr. Ruberu.

The road hasn’t been easy since then. Every ultrasound has been full of anxiety until I receive the good result. Thus far, my little “Lively” is very much a miracle child who I am sure will have much to share with the world as an abortion survivor.

My relationship with the baby’s father has been challenging, but we are both working toward being the best parents that we can be. Dr. Ruberu talks to me about embracing chastity and focusing on preparing for a strong life with my child. I think I may follow her advice.

(Article published in the Pro-Life Union’s October 2019 Respect Life Month newsletter update.)

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