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Testimonials from 40 Days for Life

Pictured Above: Peaceful witnesses praying outside Planned Parenthood at 12th & Locust Streets in Philadelphia.

The latest 40 Days for Life campaign began on September 25 and just ended on November 3. During this period of time, we’ve heard uplifting stories—not just baby saves, but of those who have shared words of encouragement for our prayerful witnesses. Dr. Monique Ruberu, one of the 40 Days for Life Philadelphia leaders, provided daily updates of these experiences during the most recent campaign. Here are some examples of these encounters:

Story #1
“There was a woman who came up to us praying and wanted to give us encouragement. She indicated that she had brought her daughter to 777 (Appletree Street) for an abortion in August 2018. She indicated that she, herself, is a Christian and didn’t want her daughter to get an abortion but her daughter insisted that this is the only option for her. They came to the clinic and five women were outside praying and offered her a brochure. They politely declined. While in the clinic the mother indicated she could ‘feel death’ in there and told her daughter she couldn’t be there to watch this happen. She exited the building and spoke to the women outside. Shortly after, her daughter followed and said she was confused on what to do. The five women outside consoled her and offered her a brochure, which she took. Her daughter walked off, but the five women asked if they could pray with the mother. This woman came up to let us know her grandchild is now five months old and they couldn’t be happier and couldn’t imagine their lives without her. The woman wanted us to know that what we do makes a positive difference and encouraged us to keep it up.”

Story #2
“Today at 12th & Locust Streets, Carol and Ann Marie from Immaculate Heart of Mary Church were praying. They noticed a mom sobbing in the courtyard. They began to speak to her, consoling her, and offering her love and help. She was so upset about being pregnant. They took her to the Community Women’s Center in Philadelphia where she met with the people working there. She decided then and there not to return to Planned Parenthood, and is scheduled for an ultrasound later this week!”

Story #3
“Yesterday as we were handing out resources and praying outside Planned Parenthood, a gentleman who was cleaning the sidewalks stopped in between us and the escorts. He told us that he always stops here and tells everyone that his mother got pregnant with him at the age of 14 and that he very easily could not be here. Making the right decision, she kept him and gave him up for adoption. He spoke of how lucky he was as he eventually got to have two moms and two dads. He said it was his duty to show people how he wouldn’t be here and that everyone matters!”

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(Article published in the Pro-Life Union’s November 2019 newsletter update)

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