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Nothing Will Be Impossible with God

Written by: Tom Stevens, President and CEO, Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia

Got your hope on? The Christmas season is a great time of hope. Don’t let the darkness of winter and the world around us bring you into despondency. Sure, it’s disheartening witnessing a constant parade of women going into an abortion center; or seeing our governor proudly veto a PA Bill that would protect the unborn who have been diagnosed with Down syndrome; or experiencing the rising tide of confusion and misinformation that affects each of us in our families, schools, churches and communities.

God has a plan, just as He always has. When the angel Gabriel visited Mary, she inquired “How can this be?” The angel said, “Nothing will be impossible with God!” It’s true. Nothing will be impossible with God.

There’s a groundswell of support for life. In Greater Philadelphia, twelve hundred people said “We stand up for life” at our dinner last month. The Pro-Life Union recently gained an amazing set of additional Board Members who represent Students for Life, AlphaCare, National Catholic Bioethics Center, Project Rachel, and Hope Pregnancy Center. The Pro-Life Union also now has twenty-two member organizations. We are working together in so many ways to do what is possible to end abortion and euthanasia. Meanwhile, we are continually asking God to do what is impossible. Come Lord Jesus, come quickly!

That baby in a manger Himself says to you and to me, “Nothing will be impossible with God.”

(Article published in the Pro-Life Union’s December 2019 newsletter update)

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