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You Don’t Even Know What You’re Doing

Written by: Tom Stevens, President and CEO, Pro-Life Union

Pictured Above: Christmas Caroling outside Philadelphia Women’s Center.

In front of Philadelphia Women’s Center at a Christmas Caroling event on December 28, we joined with thousands of pro-lifers across the nation who brought the joy, hope and light of Jesus Christ to the most sad, hopeless and dark places on the planet. The great goodness of singing Joy to the World and Oh Come All Ye Faithful in front of an abortion center is something that must be experienced to understand. Where light is, darkness cannot dwell.

After the last carol, Marlene Downing was asked to lead a prayer. Marlene is the Director of Hope Pregnancy Center (Broad Street, Philadelphia) and a Board Member of the Pro-Life Union. As Marlene closed her prayer, she uncharacteristically walked to the rope separating us from the eleven escorts present and said in a loud, clear voice, “Turn…turn…turn…turn. You don’t even know what you are doing!” It was a profound moment. One of the young men, who was an abortion escort that day, seemed visibly taken aback and perhaps a bit shaken. Earlier he had been lifting up his coat to reveal a t-shirt that he obviously thought was hilarious. The t-shirt said in bold letters ‘Thank God for abortion’. As Marlene walked back to the pro-lifers, she said, “That was a Holy Spirit moment.”

On our website, you’ll find the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia’s belief statements ( Among our belief statements is: “We believe that there is a need for prophetic voices within the institutions of our area and in the community at large, voices that speak the truth with love on behalf of marriage, family, and the rights of children.”

May 2020 be a year of the prophetic voice that is heard and effective. The Pro-Life Union will continue to be a voice that says: “Turn. You don’t even know what you’re doing. There’s a better way. There’s hope!” For the sake of the innocent, the sanctity of life, and for eternal souls, we will speak to: institutions, media, schools, leaders, politicians, and men and women. May the voice be clear. Let’s keep speaking the truth in love, peacefully and persuasively. Hopefully we will have more Holy Spirit moments.

(Article published in the Pro-Life Union’s January 2020 newsletter update)

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