Downloadable Materials

Downloadable Materials for Sidewalk Servants

Whenever local Sidewalk Servants are witnessing outside an abortion center, it is always helpful to organize small “blessing bags” which contain useful items for abortion-vulnerable women to consider choosing life for her unborn baby. Click here for a one-page flyer¬†which shows how to make a blessing bag.

Blessing Bag Items Include: the Pro-Life Union’s “Loving Them Both” brochure, coupons, a handwritten card containing hope-filled messages, and some small gifts (such as candy or other items that may bring a mother some pleasant or peaceful thoughts).


The Pro-Life Union’s “Loving Them Both” tri-fold brochure lists local places with services, information about adoption, and even resources for women who may have already experienced abortion(s). Click here or on the image to access the PDF brochure:


Each coupon is a brief way to let abortion-vulnerable women know that they can receive a free pregnancy test and ultrasound at another place besides an abortion clinic. Click here (or on the image provided) to download the PDF containing 6 coupons per page for you to print and cut out. Insert one coupon per blessing bag.


Handwritten messages of hope are needed within each blessing bag. The images provided are examples of what one of your handwritten cards could look like.