PREGNANCY HOTLINE: For immediate assistance, call 610-626-4006 or text 484-451-8104.


PREGNANCY HOTLINE: For immediate assistance, call 610-626-4006 or text 484-451-8104.

The Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia distributes educational materials regarding culture of life issues—contraception, abortion, pregnancy centers, end-of-life and death penalty matters—across the Greater Philadelphia region.

Besides the information on this Education page, we also have resourceful information on these web pages:

Abortion Statistics 2018

Click here to view a PDF file listing the latest abortion statistics by facility in the Greater Philadelphia region from the year 2018.

Abortions by the Year (2011-2017):

Click here to view the yearly number of abortions performed by each facility in Southeast Pennsylvania from 2011-2017.

Abortion: Making A Decision

Created by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, the booklet “Abortion: Making a Decision” (published in 2014) is meant to provide a woman with basic information before she makes a decision about whether or not  to have an abortion. It shows the development of an unborn baby, describes abortion methods and medical risks, emotional reactions, medical risks of childbirth, and information about state healthcare programs that assist with prenatal, childbirth, and newborn care. Click here to read this booklet.

Contact Information of Greater Philadelphia Area Hospital Presidents and CEOs

Want hospitals to provide real health care to all human beings, both inside and outside the womb? To connect with Greater Philadelphia region hospital presidents and CEOs, and urge them to stop performing abortions, click here to view their contact information.

Find Your Legislator

Click here to visit the Pennsylvania General Assembly’s website to learn who your state representative is and his/her contact information.

Respect Life Leaders Tips

Click here to view some helpful pieces of advice for Respect Life leaders.

Pro-Life Union Newsletter Updates

The Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia publishes a monthly newsletter update containing the latest pro-life news and events happening in our region, as well as nationally and internationally. Click here to look at all of our newsletter updates.

“Unplanned” Movie Discussion Guide Questions

Are you showing the “Unplanned” movie and want to engage your group in conversation? Click here to view and download the Pro-Life Union’s Unplanned Movie Discussion Guide Questions.