PREGNANCY HOTLINE: For immediate assistance, call 610-626-4006 or text 484-451-8104.

An Invitation from Tom Stevens

We’re striving to build a culture of life—that means a truly Greater Philadelphia where every woman is truly able, equipped, and supported by an entire community to make the only choice that matters—the choice for life.

stevens-widerAs long-time supporters know, the Pro-Life Union began in the early 1970s, even before the U.S. Supreme Court’s devastating ruling in Roe v. Wade that has led millions to falsely believe some lives matter less than others. We continue to work with the same spirit of love and service that inspired our founders and earlier generations. We want to be able to provide real choice—meaningful options other than abortion—for thousands of woman who will find themselves unexpectedly pregnant across Greater Philadelphia this year.

We serve through Guiding Star, our incredible Philadelphia home for mothers to live with support not just during their pregnancy, but especially after their child’s birth through education and career training and placement in safe, permanent homes. We serve through prayer, witness, and love outside of Philadelphia abortion clinics, places that use the word “choice” despite providing only a single, terrible option: abortion. And we do more than pray there; we provide alternatives that Planned Parenthood and others simply refuse to provide, ranging from direct material and financial assistance, to places to live, to adoption options, to so much more. And finally we serve through proactive education, public affairs, and awareness efforts to speak heart to heart with women, men, and people of all ages about how practically to build a better culture that serves all people.

Won’t you join us in this work? Consider becoming a Lifeline Donor, sustaining these efforts with a monthly gift. Consider reaching out to volunteer in any number of ways, helping us serve either in the public square or behind the scenes—wherever you’re comfortable. And consider reaching out to me directly to talk, especially if you’re conflicted about calling yourself pro-life for whatever reason, and particularly if you need immediate assistance in some way.

A stronger Philadelphia starts with the courage to say yes to the people who matter in our lives and no to the choices that will harm us and harm others. Let’s be strong and courageous, together.

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Tom Stevens
President & CEO